Lindsey Bailey can mostly be found reading, writing and promoting her creative writing business, Story Chefs (www.storychefs.co.uk). Untitled

After more than a decade of living an itinerant lifestyle, she returned home to the West Midlands in 2013 and is now settled in her home county, the Creative County no less, of Staffordshire.  

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Drawing on inspiration from her travels, nature, relationships and emotions, she writes poetry and fiction for readers from 2 to 102. She is currently having a go at writing a novel with a teenage protagonist leading the way so expect lots of door slamming and ‘It’s not fairs!’ from her direction (No offence to any teens reading, she is just channelling her own teen self from back in the day.)

Have a look around and make yourself cosy in this here little corner of the internet which is figuratively filled with over-sized beanbags, well-thumbed books and stacks of chocolate bourbons (or whatever biscuits you prefer!).  Peruse poems, ponder blog posts, check out her ‘I Am Living’ List, find out more about her Story Chefs’ mission or simply kick back and dream up your own story whilst beanbagging and biscuiting! 

You can get in touch here lindsey@storychefs.co.uk and she’ll be delighted to hear from you… possibly…maybe…depends what you want… ha!