Patience is a virtue (Come on, Yesterday!)

Last week, whilst organising my writing files on my laptop I came across a poem I had written back in September 2014.  During that time I was at the beginning of piloting my Story Chefs’ workshops as well as supply teaching and I found it all so exhilarating.  The thought of what lay ahead ignited something inside of me and doing the work felt like purposeful steps towards my new life as a writer.

Stumbling upon the poem again now has made me reflect (and chuckle!) because lately I have been inwardly battling between where I am now in my work life and where I know I want to be.  And as I talk to other writers/entrepreneurs about their early experiences, read articles on the subject and research about what to do when you want something so badly, I can only be reassured that this feeling is natural.  Passion breeds motivation and then, if you’re not mindful, the ego turns this into impatience.

There is one thing that is clear to me now and that is: acceptance. I am where I need to be on my journey and continuing to do the work is all I need to do. Write, Lindsey, write is my new morning mantra.

And on that note, I am off to do just that!

Thanks for reading and enjoy!


Yesterday she wrote a book

And yesterday it was published.

Yesterday they had a look

And yesterday they loved it.


Yesterday she went on tour

And yesterday a signing.

Yesterday copies flew out the door

And yesterday her face was shining.


For yesterday, oh she worked so hard

And yesterday she felt alive.

Today she smiles up at our Bard

willing yesterday to arrive!



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