Remembering you…

This morning I am remembering my grandad who passed away 16 years ago today.  The above photo was taken when I was three years old and you can see how happy I was sitting on his lap.  A wonderful thing happened this morning as I was taking the photo of this framed memory for this blog – a reflection of the ceiling lightshade created a halo above the both of us.  I’ve always known he is with me and there it is again, a sign that he surely is.

Below is the poem I wrote in a confused haze a few days after his death.  I remember being surrounded by my grieving family in the living room of my nan and grandad’s bungalow and picking myself up to go and sit in front of the Amstrad PC and just writing.  It came out within minutes and afterwards I remember feeling a moment of relief, a chance to tell him how I felt.

Sadly, the death of someone close is something that all of us will experience at some point in our lives and how we deal with it is unique.  Not surprisingly, I chose writing because it was, and continues to be, my greatest tool of expression.

Thanks for reading and sending love to anyone grieving the loss of someone xxx


Grandad, I will love you

forever and a day.

I hope you always knew that

although I didn’t often say.


I will always miss you

though I know you’ll always be near.

and from now on, everyday,

your voice I’ll always hear.


Your pain I was aware of,

though I didn’t quite understand,

but I hope you always knew that

I was glad to lend a hand.


I never got to say goodbye,

and this will always make me sad

but there is one thing I’ll always know,

you are simply the best Grandad. 




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