My writing

I went to an incredibly inspiring event led by Elizabeth Gilbert yesterday and it has made me realise that I want to share my writing, and more importantly, the reasons why I write, with you more often.

Liz Gilbert is a writer whose message fuels me to keep going on this creative journey.  Her book Big Magic and its accompanying workshop have relit a flame in me.


It was nearly five years ago when I took the plunge and finally picked up my pen again.

Back then, I felt like my life was shit.

I once heard someone describe something as a gold-plated turd…and well, that description fits perfectly.  Everything seemed so shiny on the outside but the truth was hidden.  I was deeply unhappy, chronically anxious and running on empty from the inside out.

I vividly remember realising that I was always looking outside for fulfilment and as that wasn’t working, I began to look inward and it was the best decision I ever made.

So today, I put all my fear aside and share with you a short poem. It’s one I was called to write during that first phase of transitioning to the life that I am so very grateful to be living right now.

To quote Liz Gilbert, “Onwards…” xx



The uprooted tree spoke to me

as I walked along the gravel path.

It told me of the displacement it felt,

as it lay on its side;

earth and tangled roots

laid bare for all to see.


I went away and thought about those roots,

thought about my roots.

And when I returned a few months later,

there the tree stood;

Majestic and grounded,

Re-rooted in its rightful place.


I heard it speak, watched it nod,

confirming its pleasure at being stood

firmly back where it belonged.


And now I am that tree –

Majestic, Grounded

Re-rooted in my rightful place,

firmly back where I belong.


© 2018 Lindsey Bailey

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