Seaside towns and mechanic clowns

For years I felt like one of those clowns inside a glass case.

You know the kind that used to sit on piers

at seaside towns,

lighting up when people walked past?


I lit up for people I loved,

for those who loved me

and sometimes for the ones who didn’t.

When they weren’t there,

my head would hang

heavy with loneliness,

shoulders drooped –

encaged inside my own little world.


‘This is no way to live.’

I began to say to myself –

giving energy to others;

beaming in their presence and

then shutting down without them.


So, I began to find ways to light up on my own;

Read, Write, Sing, Walk

And now I am lit up for all to see,

for nobody else but me.


And the time will come

when I will shine just that bit brighter

for one who stands to admire me

just that bit longer than the rest;

who lights up just as much as me

when our eyes meet.


And we will sit side by side –

shining brighter,


for nobody else but us.


© 2018 Lindsey Bailey

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