Duncan x

I was very lucky to meet a kind and generous guy via Match.com back in 2014.  We had three lovely, long Sunday afternoon dates together and although my anxiety didn’t quite allow me to enjoy them at the time, I will always look back on them with true fondness.

Sadly, Duncan suddenly passed away soon after our third date together and whilst this still shocks me when I think of him (he was just 33 and so full of life), I feel very privileged to have spent time with him during those dates. He was very wise and some of things he said to me will live with me forever.

This one’s for you, Duncan x


It’s a sign, you said,

with a cheeky smile,

as we sat for dinner

and a soft white feather landed

on the table in front of me.


A sign of hope, of destiny, of love?

We’ll never know

and now you are every soft white feather that I see,

and when you land near me, I will know you are sending me a sign.

You are the trees, the breeze, the moon, the sun, the stars.

Let your hair down, you said.

I will, I promise.


© 2018 Lindsey Bailey

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