C is for “Can’t do it!”

“No such thing!” I teach

So here’s an online poem

to practice what I preach.


O is for “Of course I can!”

This attitude has grown with age –

Just write the thing, hit enter

there’s no way to edit a blank page!

N is for no worries about

the knockbacks from the past –

Your voice is ready to be heard

So go on, give it a blast!


F is for feeling unworthy,

a heavy old feeling to shift

but in spite of disbelievers

I’m giving my wings a lift!


I is for indignant –

that’s the boo-ers in my skull.

Here they are saying ‘You can’t’ again –

Oh the cruel tricks they pull!


D is for direction –

I know where I want to go

And now I feel a great purpose

When I write, I can go with the flow


E is for the energy

I give to the people I meet

I’m saving some for me now too

I need it like bix needs a weet!


N is for No More Hiding

It’s time my words came out

A ship’s never made to stay in the port

All voices are voices with clout!


C is for ‘I Can and Will do this!’

I’ll believe in myself on this ride

No more doubts and no more tears

It’s time to be on my own side!


E is for Eh! You’re still reading!

And for that I am happy to see

Happy Poetry Day to one and all

Look for poem #2 from me!


© 2018 Lindsey Bailey



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