A whole new world, a small old world

Last year, I fell in love with a whole new world of books – Workbooks and in particular,  spiritual ones.

Pictured below is the first workbook I ever remember completing from cover to cover:


Living in the Light by Shakti Gawain was recommended to me by a dear friend and so, as I’m excited by all recommendations, I headed to my first port of call when buying books, http://www.worldofbooks.com

I was saddened to see that it wasn’t in stock however they did have the workbook for sale so I snapped it up, thinking ‘Why not?’

For those of you who haven’t come across worldofbooks.com, (1. Where have you been?! 2. Open in a new tab NOW and then come right back!) it is a website selling preloved books with free UK delivery.  I’ve bought many a bargain from there. The books are almost always in pristine condition (check condition box before buying) and it’s meant that, even though I have had to cut down on purchases since going freelance, I can still fill my bookshelf with inspirational books.

I have, over the years, had a few of these workbook types on my shelf and generally skimmed through them; occasionally making notes in the margins before picking up a fiction book and losing myself in there instead.

However, something was different with this one.  Maybe it was this particular book, maybe it was the time, or perhaps a bit of both but something made me decide to go through the activities as Shakti intended and I am very glad that I did.

Not only because it’s an incredibly revealing and motivational book but also because of the strange synchronicities I found inside of it when it arrived.

As you can see from the picture below, the previous owner, Chris, had been gifted the book back in 1999 (A tough year for me at 16 as my beloved grandad died suddenly) and if you take a look at the second picture, you will see that someone, presumably Chris, had already begun to fill in the book by listing the qualities of the God she/he learned about as a child.








At first glance, I was disappointed – Had I bought an already filled in workbook?

But then I looked closer.


The second section (above) was a list of the qualities she/he believed the world’s higher intelligence to have now as an adult…

Chris had only filled in the first two sections and whatsmore, she/he had filled in near enough the same things as I would have –  rather than feel annoyed by the first two activities being done for me, I was delighted to feel connected to someone I have never met through our similarities. Small old world, eh?

I was grateful they had started the book for me as that is always the hardest part with any endeavour, the beginning, and so, with Chris’s help, I was off the start line.

I feel joy whenever I notice this, now completed, book on my bookshelf. It makes me happy for three reasons – 1. it helped me to begin to release a lot of negative experiences and emotions, 2. I feel a sense of connection to the stranger who started it for me and 3. it’s brought a new discipline to my writing practise.

As part of the rituals Shakti encourages in ‘Living in the Light’, I now have a writing routine that starts with doing an activity from whatever workbook I’m working through at the time followed by my own writing (my first novel at the moment). I find this routine extremely calming and very productive. This ‘pre-writing’ helps me to quieten the fears that rear their ugly heads whenever I start a creative activity (whether writing, painting, learning a language etc.)

This book is not just for creatives though, it’s for everyone. As Shakti says, “This is a valuable tool that can create marvellous results in your life.”

So what are you waiting for? GO grab yourself a copy and see your life light up!



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