Birthday treats

My office is an office made for just the two of us.

Me and my dog, Austin.

Mini Schnauzer/Owner of me –  Austin Bailey sitting in his favourite spot on my lap in the office.

And honestly, after nearly a decade in numerous noisy and non-stop classrooms, it’s just the way I like it.

Just one problem, well more of an observation really…

As I turn 35 today, I’m aware that I have no cream cakes to buy and hand out in celebration.

So instead, I want to offer a free book to the first five people who send me an email saying YES PLEASE!

It won’t be a book written by me (although I hope to offer that next year!), it will, however, be one of a carefully selected collection of books that have changed or positively charged my life since I began this journey of exploration in 2013.

If you’d like to receive one, please email me at and you never know, I might even throw in a cream cake too! (And for anyone whose inner voice just told them not to bother because you won’t win… well that’s definitely a sign that you need one of those books I mentioned so email me now telling me just that and even if you’re the sixth, 10th or 20th person, you’ll get a book, I promise!)

Lindsey x

P.S.  I’m actually taking a rare day off today so am out of the office and scheduling this post. Right now I am either walking in Hednesford Hills, scoffing cake with friends, being massaged ay my favourite spa or scoffing syrupy waffles with family…all very recommended self care activities and not just for birthdays!



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