This is me!

Being happy takes work.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 10.21.27

This morning I am well into my daily working routine and already feeling accomplished by 9am (a bloody good day so far!), but it’s Wednesday and I feel mentally drained from sitting at my desk for the last two days solidly doing prep for upcoming events and tutoring in the evenings.

I’ve got a busy few weeks ahead with my business Story Chefs and it’s exciting work. One job is a first for me as a writer in residence at a university and the other jobs are in schools and at a festival. It’s going to be a great month work wise, I can feel it bubbling and as the years of self-doubt slide away, I am happy to be doing work that lifts me up.

And yet, having not really relaxed or surfaced from the work I had to do since Sunday, when I woke this morning, I had the lyrics to my favourite song of the moment whispering in the back of mind.  I guess I was in need of some love and a reminder of what it’s all about. So I loaded the song, turned up the volume full blast and sang my heart out.  A few bars in and the tears began to stream (Man, this live recording gets right to my soul) and goosebumps decorated my arms – I needed to release some emotion and by the end of the song, I am feeling much better.

It’s a relatively new thing for me – to be in tune with how I am feeling.  Part of my anxiety of not being good enough has, in the past, driven me to work 14 + hour days with no or little thought for anything or anyone else, including me.  Part of the reason I am still going strong at this freelance life is the groundwork I put into my self-care. And this morning I am proud to be reminded that my inner voice, the one that speaks with love, is getting louder and clearer and keeping me on the right track.

I know it’s a phrase that gets thrown around a lot but it truly is the little things: I blasted my favourite song and then took my little dog for his daily walk in the local park and now I am back at my desk, with a refreshed perspective, ready to do some more work but with a little less stress and a whole lot more of what I need – builders tea in my favourite mug and The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat!

How are you feeling today? Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you can tune into your inner voice and find the love in it. There’s no doubt you will have something to worry about but if for just a few moments you can lose yourself in your favourite song or go for a short walk in nature, I promise it will bring happiness. And if you do, please get in contact and let me know what song you played or where you walked, or both!

Signing off today with this simple yet powerful cartoon:

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 10.19.34

(Artist unknown)

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