Monday musing

If you’ve got a vision and it’s something that you truly believe in, I implore you to keep building the path that takes you towards that goal.

Ignore any naysayers on the sidelines who, when you inevitably succeed, will want to join in with your celebration – they are only there to test your grit and determination and you will be able to celebrate despite them in the future.

Stay away from the doubters who ‘can’t see it working’ – they have lost their imagination along the way and your goals are not theirs to see anyhow.

Embrace the cheerleaders, though they may be small in number, they are mighty in  spirit and will pick you up when you stumble along the way.

Most of all, cultivate that small voice that starts in your gut as a whisper and when listened to, grows in confidence and volume and says ‘ You got this.’ ‘Keep going.’ ‘Take break.’ and most importantly, ‘You are loved.’


Keep writing, Keep shining xxx


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