Being kind to me

It’s proving to be a hard week for my anxiety this one. Last week, was a manic busy one for which my bank account was grateful but that I am now feeling the effects of.

It’s also the week when my hormones wave hello.  These highly anticipated and yet totally unpredictable visitors are playing havoc with my emotions and have meant that dealing with the normal things that life brings is proving tricky.

Some of these relatively normal things being:

  1. It’s too bloody hot to sleep at night! (I have a newly found respect for all the mamas out there who survive for years on little sleep – Go mamas!)
  2. I tripped over my own feet with Austin pulling on his lead yesterday morning, flying spread eagle through the air and landing on my hands and knees on rock hard concert paving (stop smiling, I’m not ready to find it funny yet.)
  3. I went on my first date after a very long and intentional hiatus and just taking that action has set my ‘What if?’ brain into overdrive.

Those three events, a few others plus Hormones is making for a tough week. I am waking up after little sleep feeling like a lead balloon and finding it hard to shift the heaviness.

So, and it’s a relatively new thing for me to do let alone tell anyone about, this week my mission is to be kind to me. The phrase self-care is something I am reading about a lot lately so I am pleased to be putting it into practise as well.

We spend so much energy on pleasing other people, whether that be our friends, family members, employees, clients and this week, I am focussing more on me. I am still working of course as I have bills to pay, but as I am going along, I am looking for small yet mighty things to do to show myself kindness. Here are some of the simple choices that I’ve made so far with self-care in mind:

  1. I messaged a friend who lives far away who I have wanted to catch up with for sooo long and we had a video chat – it was delightful!
  2. I messaged another distant friend and scheduled a video chat for today!
  3. I went to bed at 8 for two nights in a row to read, write in my diary and generally just laze.
  4. I am working on not overanalysing dating and just enjoying the process (reading ‘The five languages of love’ is a good distraction!)
  5. I booked in a therapy session.
  6. I messaged my mum to see if she wanted to go to a fun event with me coming up soon.


On reflection, this week has also been an insightful one too, and one made much better because I have taken control of the positives.

Here is one thing that I know for sure: Small choices make a big difference.

How are you going to be kind to yourself today?

Keep shining,

Love Lindsey xx


P.s Here’s a picture of my knees from aforementioned fall – all strong tea and sympathy welcomed  🙂

Still not talking to Austin for this 😦

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