Parkfield Community School

A new term and a new school visit for Story Chefs. This time the theme took us under the sea where an inspirational mural in the depths of Parkfield Community School in Saltley revealed itself to be a submarine!

The group of gifted KS2 writers were intrigued by a mysterious note pinned to the wall of the submarine and let their imaginations flow to create all sorts of underwater adventures!

Parkfield1        Parkfield2

       The mysterious riddle!                                Can you spot the getaway divers?


“Can Story Chefs come here every week?” –  Year 5 pupil


As literacy co-ordinator, I was glad to receive the offer from you to support our higher achieving pupil premium children.  The children clearly enjoyed being involved in a focussed group.  They also enjoyed working in a stimulating environment (an area decorated as a submarine).  You took the environment which you were given and used it to make the children excited about writing.  The children clearly enjoyed their work with you.  They went back to class excited about what they had achieved.  As a  school, we really like what you have done, and would gladly welcome you back to work with other children.

Ann Harris, Literacy Co-ordinator, Parkfield Primary School, Birmingham