Penns primary School

This month saw Story Chefs’ debut workshop at Penns Primary School in Sutton Coldfield and it began with an emotive and highly engaging topic: World War 1.

Coinciding with the Centenary celebrations, our first group of budding story bakers chose a personal object to personify and send off to war.  The result was 30 highly motivated writers who learned about the realities of war and demonstrated great empathy for the men, women and animals who fought for our freedom! Go Story Chefs!

Penns4          Penns3

Bringing characters to life                             Creating a dilemma for a character

Penns1                  Penns5

Working on ‘Show don’t tell’ techniques    Story planning taking shape on a chef’s hat!

Penns7                    Penns8

Testimonials from workshop participants 🙂

Lindsey worked with my class of Year fours engaging them in writing about World War 1 over a series of lessons. I  was impressed with the depth at which Lindsey had researched the topic; her weekly presentations to the class really brought the period to life and made it accessible to such young children without trivialising the serious subject matter.  Her work with the class was informative and thought provoking.  The series of lessons were well structured; building up the elements of successful story writing with the class and leading to a final extended story.  The class enjoyed the lessons greatly and were very animated and excited about their writing.  As an experienced teacher as well as a writer, Lindsey was able to manage a lively class and channel their energies into the writing process. 

Angela Stapleton, Year 4 teacher and Literacy Co-ordinator, Penns Primary School, Sutton Coldfield