The Pumice Stone

(*Dearest reader, this post is longer than originally intended so you might want to wait until you have 10 minutes and a cuppa before reading.  The length, I hope, will be worth it.*)

Recently, I complained to my mum about some hard skin on the bottom of my feet and a few days later, she kindly presented me with a pumice stone, which I’m pleased to report, did the job.

Why am I telling you this, you might wonder.

Why on earth is she banging on about her feet, I hear you cry!

Well, because as I was using aforementioned skin remover, I recalled a lesson that I learnt during my two years’ working abroad and it goes a little something like this… (more…)

Being kind to me

It’s proving to be a hard week for my anxiety this one. Last week, was a manic busy one for which my bank account was grateful but that I am now feeling the effects of.

It’s also the week when my hormones wave hello.  These highly anticipated and yet totally unpredictable visitors are playing havoc with my emotions and have meant that dealing with the normal things that life brings is proving tricky.

Some of these relatively normal things being: (more…)

The Alchemist: My Magical Companion

In June, my birthday month, I sent out metaphorical cream cakes in the shape of my favourite self-help books to 5 followers.  I also vowed to share my choices with you here and so, here I am sitting down to tell you all about my love/obsession with one of my favourite books of all time, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

But first, and before I delve into my reasons for loving it, I want to let you in on a little secret…and that secret is this: I have just spent a good two minutes hesitating and hovering over the keyboard in resistance to writing ‘self-help’, and it’s made me realise that it’s not a phrase I generally use, and one that even makes me cringe a little! (more…)

Be nice…especially to yourself!

Today, I’ve learnt a valuable lesson about how I treat myself & want to share it because it feels like an important revelation.

It’s this: I never give myself enough credit for anything I ever do, ever and I am sick of it. Nearly two months ago, I quit smoking & as a result, have put on half a stone (not bad considering I lost a whole stone between January and June), & Yet, I heard myself saying to someone that I am not counting the weeks since I stopped smoking because that would sound like a celebration and actually, I shouldn’t have started smoking in the first place (ouch!).


How do you comfort yourself?

We all have our own ways of comforting ourselves, with certain methods being notoriously healthier than others.

This week, I am reflecting on what recipes I currently have for coping with life, and in particular, my go-to comforters for when stress rears it’s head.

I use the analogy of a recipe book because 1. I like food, 2. it all lines up nicely with the cooking imagery I use in my Story Chefs writing workshops and 3. it makes the subject more relatable to more people.

So, what do I currently do to comfort myself and what have I done in the past?


Monday musing

If you’ve got a vision and it’s something that you truly believe in, I implore you to keep building the path that takes you towards that goal.

Ignore any naysayers on the sidelines who, when you inevitably succeed, will want to join in with your celebration – they are only there to test your grit and determination and you will be able to celebrate despite them in the future.


Thursday thoughts

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 09.42.54.png

I have this poem by Mark Nepo stuck to my wall.

This morning it decided to flutter down onto my desk to remind me of its very important message – follow your dream, follow your heart and all will be well.

More from Mark Nepo here: